Aostaf Group is one of the leading organization with all the required & recommended certifications to ensure top level quality for all the products. We are 100% Made in India brand making the best products for the world. Let's have a look at the certifications of Aostaf Medicare

Aostaf Medicare PPE Kits have been approved by the DRDO for the quality standards of our PPE Kits along with its accessories.

Aostaf Medicare production, testing and logistics units are certified by Ordinance Factories Board (OFB) which is engaged in research development, production, marketing, testing and logistics of a comprehensive product range

Aostaf Group is registered with MSME to manufacture a variety of medicare products that will fulfill the needs of all to protect themselves from any virus.

Aostaf Group is registered with the GeM and has the authority to sell its products and the people can purchase the products easily.

Aostaf Masks have been approved and certified by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories for its high quality standards.

Aostaf Medicare is certified with the Indian Standard Organization which specifies ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customers requirements.

Aostaf Medicare has been certified with the Indian Standard Organization after passing the required lab testing for our high quality medicare products.

Aostaf Medicare has got the certification which specify production control, quality management and regulatory compliance.

Aostaf has been marked with the CE certification which marks the assumption of health, safety and environmental protection standards for the products that we manufacture.

Aostaf Medicare products have been certified under the GMP, which is a system that ensures that we are consistently producing our products by managing the complete quality standards.